Custom Funkos



$60 Each


$25 Each (Optional)


$10 Each 

The_Indian_Hufflepuff (Shania Sinna) - Terms of Service 


If you find any of these statements objectionable they may be changed if discussed with me prior to paying for your commissioned piece.



  • I might record the drawing process (either in video or still form) and post it on my social media (The_Indian_Hufflepuff and TheIndianHufflepuff) unless asked specifically not to.

  • I have the right to reject any order that I do not feel comfortable creating for any reason.



  • Currency accepted is USD and can be paid through PayPal, and Venmo

  • Commissions are paid split 50% after draft approval and 50% before mailing.

  • Don't send me any payment before I have agreed to the commission and requested the payment from you.



  • I will notify you when I have started on your commission and you, therefore, lose the rights to a refund (see point 6 below for more info on refunds).

  • While I'm working on your commission I will send you updates at points that I feel are benchmarks in the process you requested.

  • When the product is finished, you will receive a notification that it was dropped off at the post office. Upon request, I can give you the tracking code for your package.



  • If you want something changed, I will charge you a fee depending on the complexity of the requested change. 

  • If individual funko pops used in the materials cost more than $20 each you WILL be charged an additional cost to cover the price difference.

  • If you want dramatic alterations mid commission I will charge you a fee depending on the complexity of the requested alterations. 

  • If I made a mistake in producing your work that was clearly laid out beforehand those changes will be free.


  • You are free to post the creation for your personal use, not for commercial, resale, or crediting yourself as the artist unless discussed beforehand. 

  • You absolutely under no circumstances may not mint the artwork as an NFT unless discussed beforehand.

  • It is not mandatory, but just as a general request as the artist: if you do choose to post on social media, which you will have every right to, please consider tagging myself somewhere (either in the description or on the photo) so I can see it in the wild - it just means a lot and makes me happy. :)



  • The buyer is not allowed a refund once I have moved past the draft phase and have started working on the commission - notifications will be sent out before this happens.

  • If for any reason I am unable to start your commission you will receive a partial refund.

  • If there is a major delay (an additional 2+ weeks) or need for cancelation on my own end, you will receive the option for a partial refund, or a new date to expect the completed piece.

  • If you cancel your order before I have started it, you will receive a partial refund.

  • AMOUNT OF PARTIAL REFUND IS AT MY OWN DISCRETION - Determination of the refund will come down to expenses paid on materials and time used up until said point.


By completing this agreement with your name and the date I can begin your project.


Thanks for your order!